Adware is a type of spyware that distributes on infected computers the advertisement in the form of pop-ups, banners and others.

Usually adware is a freeware that performs its direct duties, but at that it shows advertisement to a user involuntarily. So in such a manner the «free-of-charge basis» of this program is compensated by means of advertisement demonstrations.


Adware virus is an extremely danger threat that helps violators to get the access to the computer without your knowledge. On the initiatory stage malicious tools and addons are being installed to Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer that display annoying advertisement all the time and that redirect the user to unwanted web sites when connecting to the internet.

Apart from that adware damages system files, producing reports about mistakes in the security system on your computer, and then more viruses can easily penetrate your system. As a rule, spyware are provided together with adware and they will monitor all your actions on the computer and to collect data and information. Such software are hidden so good that you, when working on your computer, won’t even suspect that the violator has already gotten your data.

How adware penetrates the system

As a rule your system is being infected by adware when you download free software from unknown web sites. On these sites the malicious code is being built into free software and is trying to install malicious software to your computer. That is why it is important to have in mind that each software from the unknown source can spread viruses, and it is better not to download any free programs from any site, only if this site has a good reputation.


Adware can:

  • collect confidential information and data;
  • download other viruses;
  • slow down the computer productivity;
  • built in an advertisement code on order to obtrusively show it to you;
  • lower the firewall protection level;
  • it can’t be removed by an antivirus.

How to remove adware

It can be enough to scan the system in safe mode in order to detect malicious software. If adware remains in spite of all your attempts to remove it, you will have to get the access to the disk. The most effective method is to use startup disk. After having load, you will be able to get the access to the system file explorer. Find suspicious files and folders and remove them manually.
Having removed all infected files you will have to make sure that adware or spyware don’t come out when connecting to the internet.