Avast is a comprehensive software that provides solid security to your computer from viruses, trojans, spyware and other malicious software.


Avast! Free Antivirus has the biggest audience of antivirus users in the world, distancing its paid antivirus-rivals. This software is available on three frameworks: Mac OS, Windows and Android. The virus definition updates online, and considering the number of devices under its protection, it is possible to imagine, how fast the information about threats all over the world updates.

Software capabilities

Maximally optimized core of the antivirus protection provides the best security for your computer.

  • Protection from rootkits is provided in real-time mode.
  • Special Avast! WebRep add-on for browsers has appeared in the last version of the antivirus. It blocks user’s passage to unwanted network resources.
  • File scanning on user’s demand, also automatic background scanning after the manner of load sharing between CPU cores.

File manager screens;

  • File manager screen monitors all programs and files in your system;
  • internet chats screen – all downloads from applications for instant messaging will be captured and checked for viruses;

Web screens

  • the main web screen – eliminates threats before browser detects them;
  • network screen – monitors the network activity and clocks viruses that are trying to infect your computer through the internet;
  • script screen – browses all scripts operating in the system.

There is also web protection for browsers, for this purpose it is necessary only to install Avast! Online Security plug-in. To its capabilities can be referred:

  • protection from phishing – scans sites for malicious software;
  • SiteCorrect – corrects wrong URL addresses by redirecting to a correct site.

Avast! advantages

The main advantage of Avast Antivirus is that it is completely and sincerely free antivirus! After its installation you need only to write down your email address into a given slot and then to follow the link that you have received by email — that’s it, now you have an antivirus that automatically updates every day.
Avast! Antivirus can monitor email, following sites, torrent channels, listens ports of ICQ clients and other messengers, analyzing program and user behavior, checks the timeliness of versions of the most popular software installed on your computer and updates them.

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