Hijackers are malicious software the main purpose of which is to change settings and behavior of the internet browser.

Hijackers change the home page in your browser and don’t allow you to change it back, they replace the search results, redirect the user to other websites (with advertisement and porn). Also hijackers can work as spies and to send the information to a violator.


These programs perform on user’s computer unwanted actions in behalf of their developers. Manufacturers of many antivirus software refer hijackers to trojan horse software. The hijacker software purpose is to reconfigurate settings of browser, email and other applications without user’s knowledge and authorization.

Hijacker function principle

Most of all Hijackers are used for changing:

  • browser home page that is being replaced by a web site address of hijacker creator;
  • browser search system configurations that are kept in register – when pressing “Search” button, the address replaced by hijacker software opens;
  • protocol name prefixes
  • levels and configurations of bowser security;
  • browser reaction to errors – for example there exist a hijacker that replaces standard IE pages, describing error 404, to its own;
  • browser address list (“Favorite”) modifications.

In its pure form hijackers are exposed quite rare and according to their functions they can be referred to Trojan, Dialer or AdWare/SpyWare categories.

How to fight with hijackers

Any advanced user that has en experience of interaction with adware or spyware will advise to use the SpyHunter utility against it. This software performs the system protection in real-time mode, becoming an irresistible wall on the way of malicious software. The only disadvantage of SpyHunter is its availability for a price. But it justifies its price by perfect security performance.

How to protect yourself

Tips how to prevent the system from penetration of applications like iStartSurf are not distinguished by its singularity. They can be called copybook maxims of work in the internet, but nor all users follow such simple recommendations.

  • Don’t follow the unknown links and don’t download free software of doubtful provenance.
  • Install qualitative antivirus and activate its license.
  • Every day scan your system for malicious software with antivirus and additional software (SpyHunter, AdwCleaner, Ccleaner).