If you have Windows you are probably already acquainted with the error 651. This mistake usually happens when a user attempts to get connected to the wideband connection while using the Windows 7.
When the mistake occurs, a message pops up on a screen of a PC “Connection failed with error 651”.

windows error 651

It is possible to find a bunch of solutions online how to fix this error, but of course none of them guarantee that it will be repaired 100%. The consecutive guide is probably the best in helping to deal with the error.
But before starting, download and install the Total System Care and then start the Software to inspect what the problem with your PC is. Then you can start implementing the following steps:

  1. Deinstall the modem
    This method usually helps to solve the mistake and it works on most modems.
  2. Substitute the RASPPPSE.SYS from the directory of Windows 7
    By substituting the RASPPPSE.SYS file users can successfully fix the occurred error. Unfortunately, it is applicable only for OS Windows 7.
  3. Turn off the IPV6 for the connection of the internet
    To do this click with the right button on the menu Connections, choose Properties, then remove the tick from the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP / IPV6).
  4. Turn off the Auto Tuning Feature on Windows 7
    It is applicable only for routers. As an administrator open the common prompt and type “Netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled”, and nip Enter.
  5. Reseat the card drives of LAN
    During the process the drivers might get damaged, that’s why you should install them one more time.
  6. Start a Clean Boot
    It helps to find the main problem.
  7. Reconstruct the dialer and reseat the ADSL router
    The modem sometimes can get hanged so the deleting and further reconstruction of the dialer can help. The reset of the ADSL router can also be very helpful.

Video instructions: How to Fix 651 error