If you’re finding difficulties in setting the iTunes on your Windows computer, or after setting the app such mistakes as “error 7” and “error 2” appear, then with this guidance you will be able to solve all the mistakes.

Windows Error 127

  1. The logging to the computer should be done through the administrator.
    If you don’t know how to log in as an administrator, you should refer to the guidance “How Do I Log in as an Administrator?” or the computer’s help menu. If none of these helps ask for help from your IT department or go to the support.microsoft.com
  2. There should be the freshest Microsoft Windows updates downloaded.
    You can always get the newest updates at the Microsoft Windows Update website. To set the iTunes you should have the newest service pack set to your Windows Vista, XP, 7 or 8. Get to the computer’s help menu if you meeting some difficulties installing the updates.
  3. Go to the iTunes download page where you can download the installer for the iTunes.
  4. Depress on the right key of the iTunes 6464Setup or the iTunesSetup.
    On Windows XP pick the option “Chose Open”. On the rest versions of Windows pick “Run as an administrator”.
    If you have set iTunes before the program will suggest rehabilitating your software.
    When the rehabilitating is done, reboot your PC and start the program again.
  5. If iTunes still fails to install, you must delete all the previous components that were probably left from the antecedent installation.
    By deleting all the components the songs you’ve downloaded before won’t disappear. They will be saved in “My music” catalog.
  6. Counteracted software should be turned off.
    Some background software and programs might be the reason you have difficulties in installing the iTunes.
    The anti-virus program might also be blocking the installation. That is why for the time of the setting, you should turn it off.
  7. Reboot the PC.
  8. Then try and set the iTunes again.

Video instructions: How to Fix iTunes Error 7 (Windows Error 127)