The registry of the Windows 7 has all the details of the installation of Windows. If the registry is going to be damaged either by a bad driver or unsuccessful deinstallation, it can be quickly repaired by starting a system recovery to that moment when your PC was operating fine.

The Program CCleaner, which is a special tool for cleaning the registry, can be also applied for scanning and finding mistakes.


One of the methods to clean the registry is to launch a system recovery.

system restore windows 7

To do this, you should open the System Restore menu. If the latest changes were the reason of the registry mistakes then you can reset the setting of your computer by applying the Restore Point. To open the System Restore menu there are two possible options:

  1. Depress the Start menu and pick Restore, then System Restore.
  2. Depress the Windows key plus the Pause key and pick the Advanced system settings. Then go to the System protection and depress the System Restore key.

Then you need to choose the point of recovery. If the System Restore is turned on, your OS will pick the most recent recovery point. When important changes to system are made the system creates recovery points. If there are no available restore points then you have two options:

  1. Choose Show more recovery points menu to look through antecedent recovery points if the mistake has been for a while.
  2. Every recovery point will have an identifier and a description why it was created.

At last, you have to push Scan for affected programs button. The scan will display all the drivers and program that will be removed, the ones that will not operate correctly after recovering.
A recovery of the system will not harm any personal files.

Then push Next and Finish. After that the recovery procedure will begin. It might last for several minutes. And your computer will reload after the procedure will be over.

Video instructions: How to Fix Registry Errors