RunDLL (Dynamic Link Library) is an unfeigned file of Windows, which implements the .dll modules that can be related to malware programs or can be statute. Usually this mistake comes up when the .dll file was installed to launch at the system startup in the registry of Windows, but the file itself is absent. The OS attempts to implement the file but can’t find it. In such case the file was probably deleted by the antivirus program, but the registry key connected to it is still can be found and the OS is trying to implement it at the start. Then the mistake occurs.

rundll error

To fix the mistake delete the registry associated with the file so the OS is not trying to run it again.
To fix the background container.dll error, do the consecutive steps:

  1. Nip the Start button, choose Run (Windows Xp) or Search (Windows 7, 8, Vista) and type MSCONFIG.
  2. The Configuration Utility System will be implemented by the OS. Push the Startup tab.
  3. The tab will demonstrate the listed startups items (programs that automatically run when a PC starts).
  4. Find any files related to conduit or background container.dll and take the tick off the box if there are any. Press Ok.
  5. Then reboot the system.

It is only applicable for Windows.
After, when the system is back and there are no any files connected with conduit or background container.dll, do the consecutive:

  1. Start – Control Panel – Administrative tools
  2. Task Scheduler – click on Task Scheduler Library
  3. Check if there are any conduit or background container.dll
  4. If there are, nip them with the right button and delete them
  5. Reboot the PC again.

To obviate these mistakes in future it is recommended to download and install the SpyHunter 4 Malware Security Sui that will keep your PC protected.

Video instructions: How to Fix Rundll error