A Blue Screen Error also known as a STOP error or a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) can cause a very unpleasant experience. The messages that emerge when the mistake happens usually pop up randomly and never exactly say what the real problem is. There are at least three possible methods to repair this mistake, but the most popular one is the consecutive: the diagnosis of the mistake.
Blue Screen of Death

  1. At first, think about if there was anything you’ve recently changed. Because the BSoD mistake usually emerges due to some changes in hardware or settings. Sometimes when the new drivers are installed the BSoD happens. Find a recovery point and set it to see if the mistake disappears.
  2. If that doesn’t deal with the problem check your computer inner hardware. If there is a poor connection inside the PC the BSoD emerges. Verify that all the cables are attached firmly together and all the cards set strongly in the slots. It is more difficult to check the inner hardware on a laptop. All you can do is to inspect the RAM and the hard drive.
  3. Make sure the temperature of your computer is normal. Superheating can cause the multifunctioning of a computer. Usually the graphics card is the one that gets superheated. The other variant can be the CPU. The BIOS menu can tell you about the temperature of your PC.
  4. Inspect the RAM. A bad RAM stick commonly leads to a system disruption. When the Ram is damaged the system becomes unstable. The “memtest86” program can help testing the RAM. It is possible to download the program for free.
  5. Inspect the hard drive. The “chkdsk” command can be applied to scan for mistakes and repairing them. A damaged hard drive leads to BSoD due to the disintegrated files.
  6. Leave just essentials for your computer. Remove everything from your PC, which is not essential for its running.

Video instructions: How to Fix the Blue Screen of Death