The 1721 Windows Installer mistake is similar to those that happen when a user is trying to install Java or other applications.

This mistake occurs when the message Error 1721 appears on a screen. The mistake means that there is a problem with Windows Installer Packet and the program that is needed to finish the installation can’t be implemented. To solve the mistake one should get in contact with the vendor of the Packet or with the support.

Error 1721

The main reason of the Error 1721 is the PC’s inefficiency to read the programs or files that are obligatory for the setup of the program. Therefore, the setup process is slowed down or not implemented at all. Fixing the mistake implies fixing the problem that causes it and prevents the setup process of different applications and programs. Also troubles in the OS should be found and dealt with.

The consecutive tips will help to resolve the issue.

  1. Rewrite the Installer Service of Windows.
    The Installer Service of Windows implements the task connected with controlling the setup and remove of different programs. The Microsoft installation engine is used by the Installer Service to do this task. If the data associated with the installation engine is incorrect or defected the installation of the programs will be impossible.
  2. Do the Cleanup Utility for the Windows Installer.
    This software can be bought on the official website of the Microsoft. This software is capable of fixing any problems regarding the Windows Installer Packet. It is recommended to get this program as it will help your PC to operate more sufficiently in the future and it will protect it during the setup of different applications.
  3. Use the newest version of the Windows Installer.
    The newest version of the Windows Installer should be setup regardless of the first two steps. It is possible that the old versions are used by a user and they don’t know that these versions can’t fix the Error 1721. The updating of the version will absolutely help in dealing with the mistake.
  4. Clean the Windows Registry.
    The contaminated registry might be the one that causes the mistake. The registry is the central database of a PC that storages all the files and data, that’s why its cleaning can help fixing the issue. All a user needs to do is to clean the registry using the Registry Cleaner.

If none of these steps help in solving the error, user must take their PCs to the computer services, where engineers will deal with the mistake.

Video instructions: How to Fix the Windows Installer Error 1721