Probably you have already heard news about the new Microsoft OS. Many users who have decided to update their Windows OS to Windows 10 are encountering the Error 80240020 that can be very annoying.

error 80240020

The official launching of the Windows 10 was on the 29th of July. It is the newest version of Microsoft and a lot of users have high expectations about it especially after the MS Windows 8.
If you are attempting to upgrade your OS to the Windows 10 but you are facing the Error 80240020, the consecutive steps will help to fix this mistake code.

  1. Go to the C:/Windows/Software Distribution/Download and remove all the items in the catalog but do not remove the catalog itself.
  2. Get to the Command Prompt: for Windows 98, 7 and XP do the consecutive: depress on the Start Menu (the button on the keyboard), then elect All Programs and the Accessories and Command Prompt. If you hold the Windows 8, pin on the Windows key with the right button and garble the Command Prompts.
  3. The touchy part is following. After you opened the Command Prompt and clicked Yes on the appeared pop-up, you will be transferred to the new window, where you have to type: wuauclt.exe /updatenow. Then get to the Control Panel and pin on Windows Update. The updating now should be happening without the mistake. However, it became known that this doesn’t always operate for all the users.

Video instructions: How To Fix Upgrade to Windows 10 Error code 80240020