This guide will help you to get into the Windows Safe Mode. The Windows Safe Mode is applied for a diversity of reasons. Its main purpose is to make sure the system operates stable, because all the basic options and adjectives are inserted.

Safe Mode

If you hold the Windows 98, Millennium, XP and 7 do the consecutive steps:

  1. Nip the Start Menu and garble the variant to reboot your PC.
    As the rebooting of the PC happening depress the F8 key and coerce it. It should be depressed before the screen of Starting Windows appears. So not to skip the moment, depress the F8 right when the rebooting embarks.
  2. Then a new menu will come up. To garble the Safe Mode you should utilize the arrow keys on your keyboard.

If you hold the Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, then implement the consecutive steps:

  1. The simplest variant is to utilize the msconfig.exe in the System Configuration Tool. Simultaneously pin the Windows key and the R key on the keyboard to enter the System Configuration Tool. In the emerged window garble the Boot tab.
  2. Place a tick on the Safe Boot variant and depress Ok. Windows will start rebooting the system.
  3. After the rebooting the Windows 8 will be in the Safe Mode.

If you have OS X, follow the consecutive:
When your Mac is off, depress the Power Button. When the Startup Sound is heard, immediately pin and coerce the Shift key until the logo of Apple comes up. Then loose it. After that it will take longer for the logo to come up, but it is absolutely normal and is a unit of the Safe Mode.
For leaving the Safe Mode, just reseat your computer not doing anything.

Video instructions: How to start computer in the Safe Mode