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What Is Krulito?

Krulito is a harmful advertising application. After installation Krulito immediately changes your home page and brings ads. It’s a challenge to fully remove Krulito as its components are saved to the system registry. A typical example of getting Krulito to to the computer is when you try to download a program or anything else from a torrents website or any other resource offering free content. Actually, it is another way to earn money for some of website owners – they add harmful apps into the installation file and publish it. You are recommended to be attentive and careful dealing with all kinds of file downloaders since quite often they do many unneeded things like downloading harmful programs, intervening browser settings and many other things. Krulito belongs to this kind of programs.

How to remove Krulito Simply

There are numerous ways to remove Krulito from the PC. You are welcome to examine the guide entirely and use the wanted way of removal. If we speak about the most effective and the fastest method of removal, so I should say about the software that will eliminate the undesired software. As many specialists say, it is better to install and launch effective Krulito Removal Tool. Removal application that was written especially for a individual type of viruses is the most effective. You can also run any other antivirus program that has Krulito in the base of viruses. The antimalware that I advise you (Spyhunter 4) will find and get rid of Krulito absolutely, you can install it clicking this download button.

Remove Krulito automatically
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Manual Krulito removing

Step 1. Uninstall Krulito from your computer. Manual for Windows 7, 8, 10 and XP

  1. Enter “Computer” on the desktop and choose “Uninstall or change a program”.
    remove Krulito from computer
  2. In the program folder, look for all programs that contain Krulito in their names. Remove them by clicking “uninstall’ and remove all suspicious programs that contain search, toolbar and others in their names.
    remove Krulito from windows

Step 2. Clean the registry

  1. Download adwcleaner free utility app and run it. It searches and removes all files and registry keys that belong to the adware virus category.
  2. Click “Scan”.
    Clean the registry
  3. When scanning is finished, click “Clean” to remove all viruses.
  4. Click “Ok” to reboot the computer. After rebooting, check if the virus is still in the browser. Perhaps, it’s already removed and everything is fine. If it is not, take Step 3.
    reboot the computer

Step 3. Remove Krulito from your browser

Remove Krulito from Google Chrome

  1. Right-click on the Google Chrome shortcut and choose “properties”.
    Remove Krulito from Google Chrome
  2. In the “Target” field, remove everything going after “C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” and click “ok”.
    clean target field google chrome
  3. Choose “Settings” in the Chrome menu.
    Setting google chrome
  4. In the “Extensions” tab, look for any extension that contains “Krulito” in its name and remove it by clicking the Recycle Bin. Also remove all suspicious extensions that you didn’t install.
    remove extension google chrome
  5. In the “Settings” tab, find the “On startup” block, uncheck “Open a specific page or set of pages.”, click “Set pages”, enter google. Com in the new field, and click “ok”.
    clean home page google chrome
  6. In the “Search” tab, click “manage search engines” and remove everything except
    clean search google chrome
  7. If it didn’t work – use Krulito removal tool which will help you to solve this issue in Google Chrome faster.

Remove Krulito from Firefox

  1. Right-click the Firefox shortcut and choose “properties”.
    Remove Krulito from Firefox
  2. Remove everything after “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” in the “target” field and click “ok”.
    clean shortcut Firefox
  3. Enter Firefox. Tools -> add-ons.
    clean addons Firefox
  4. Remove all suspicious extensions.
    remove extensions Firefox
  5. Tools options -> general. Type google. Com in the “Home page” field (“Startup” block).
    clean home page Firefox
  6. Choose Google as your default search engine in the “Search” tab.
    If it didn’t work – use Krulito removal tool which will help you to solve this issue in Firefox faster.

Uninstall Krulito from Internet Explorer

  1. Right-click the Internet explorer shortcut and choose “properties”.
    clean home page internet expllorer
  2. Remove everything after “C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” in the “Target” field and click “ok”.
    clean shortcut internet expllorer
  3. Enter internet explorer -> tool -> manage Add-ons.
    clean addons internet expllorer
  4. Remove all extensions that you didn’t install. You can remove everything.
    clean addons internet expllorer
  5. Tools -> internet options, type google. Com in the upper field.
    clean home page internet expllorer
  6. Click “Settings” in the same window of the “Search” block and remove everything except Google. Com and Bing. Com from the list.
    If it didn’t work – use Krulito removal tool which will help you to solve this issue in Internet Explorer faster.

Uninstall Krulito from Safari

  1. Right-click the safari shortcut and choose “properties”.
    clean shortcut Safari
  2. Remove everything after “C:\Program Files\Safari” in the “Target” field and click “ok”.
    clean shortcut Safari
  3. Click the Settings button in the upper right corner and select Reset Safari.
    reset Safari
  4. Check all boxes and click OK.
    remove Krulito from Safari

What should I do to protect my PC from Krulito?

Below you can see the tips that will help you avoid Krulito installation and issues with browser. Feel free to share those advice with your friends and family members since they will certainly help you keep your computer secured from Krulito and any other malicious software:

  • Don’t install dubious programs especially if you found them on the websites you don’t know. People quite often commit the same mistake and get the program they were looking for. However, eventually this downloaded program appears to be dangerous.
  • Don’t ignore your intuition! When a website looks suspicious – for example, it works too slowly or it is full of bright banners – it is better for you to close it. And don’t forget to scan your computer for viruses!
  • Stay attentive during the the whole process of app installation. Try not to miss a single window and a single checkbox. Untick all boxes which are not relevant and you don’t want to install them.
  • And even in case if you do not recall downloading any applications it would be smart to inspect your computer for viruses and malicious software every week.
Rates to delete Krulito
Method to uninstall Price
Manual $0
Free antimalware $0
Spyhunter $35-$55
Computer repair shop $95-$140
Krulito Stats
Probability of Data theft 73,9%
Registry occupancy 4,6%
Self-active Launch in OS 19,8%
Manual removal effectiveness 31,8%
Free Antivirus removal 79,2%
Paid Antivirus removal 99,2%
Infection Risk (USA) 6,2%
Risk of infection (Europe) 6,0%

100% Krulito Removal

Spyhunter is the most powerful malware uninstaller that easily removes all kinds of malicious applications and even the apps which remain invisible for your antivirus. Spyhunter will help if you failed to remove Krulito yourself. It guarantees the best security to your system thanks to daily updates of the base of signatures.

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