New Microsoft Security Essentials provides your system with the protection of high quality from such malicious software as trojans, spyware, worms and others.

Microsoft Security Essentials is simple in installation, the program will update automatically, so the version of your system protection will be the latest one.


Free Microsoft antivirus won’t bother you with unnecessary notifications — it works the background, it warns you if it is necessary to do something. Security Essentials doesn’t use much of network resources so it won’t disturb your work and amusement.

Microsoft Security Essentials Free main characteristics

  • The effective protection from viruses, spyware, trojan horse software, internet worms and other malicious software;
  • simple and free download;
  • automatic update of virus definitions;
  • simplicity in use;
  • fast antivirus engine;
  • updated mechanism for detection of complex malicious threats;
  • integration with Windows Firewall – in the process of installation the antivirus checks the presence of enabled firewall on the computer. If the network protection is absent, it will be proposed to the user to enable Windows Firewall;
  • network analysis system – reinforces the protection in real-time mode, analyzing the network traffic in order to help to lock in advance the use of known network vulnerabilities;
  • integration with Internet Explorer browser – remotely detects web threats (only for Windows 7/Vista).


The installation of Microsoft Security Essentials Free is user-friendly and it shouldn’t cause any problems from the beginning users of PC. It is important to point out that this software checks the originality of Windows copy when being installed and it can be used only with the license version.

Also at the stage of Microsoft Security Essentials Free installation a user will see a message about possible incompatibility if this software with similar products. This is an important moment, because antivirus software of different developers, and often of the same developer, in most cases are incompatible between each other. Having followed these recommendations the user will save himself from potential problems.

When the installation of the software will be completed, the update of Microsoft Security Essentials – of its virus definitions and modules, which is also very important – will be initiated.
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