Since recently a new type of viruses has started to attacks internet users — this is a pop-up ad on all websites.
In fact pop-ups in opened windows of your browser is a type of viral advertising and it is important to deal with it very carefully. In general it offers to earn money, to win a price for a million, or to enter some game, inside if which there is contained a virus.


Apart from frequently used search systems pop-ups ofter occur in social networks. When such pop-up occurs, don’t press on it under no circumstances, otherwise your computer can be infected irreversibly. Everything depends on the type of the virus that is contained inside.

Virus function principle

The principle of advertising banners and browser messages occurring is quite simple. At first a trojan starts up on infected computer, that changes computer and router DNS-servers to “virus” ones. Hereafter, when trying to follow any website, you get to a “virus” proxy site where to the content pop-ups and advertisements are added. As the incorrect DNS is being registered in router, the website advertisement occurs on all devices, that are connected to the internet through it.

Trojan very often remains in the system of an infected computer. As a result of that, when reconfiguring the touter from this computer, the DNS-server address will be again registered in it automatically.

Properties of Windows infected by pop-ups

  • too slow work with the internet;
  • in all internet browsers and web sites you see 3 or more advertising banners (and you haven’t seen the advertisement on these resources before);
  • the antivirus software doesn’t detect viruses;
  • when opening the ling or in the process of searching of required information pop-ups windows with advertisement occur.

How to remove pop-ups

It is important to eliminate pop-ups from browser in order not to expose the computer to danger. Not every utility is able to remove pop-up ads in browser correctly and safely. Only the utilization of professional software can guarantee you the effective removal. Before starting to remove the advertisement, you need to scan the whole system for viruses, also it is important to remove unnecessary programs, browsers and files. The system cleaning is also important to be performed by a professional utility.

After all performed manipulations check the functioning of your browser. Sometimes, in order to cease the pop-up occurring, it is necessary to reinstall browsers. It can be made in Programs and features section in Control panel.