Spyware is a small spy malicious software. Such programs are created not by ordinary people, but by top-ranked specialists and they can penetrate the computer in order to collect the information about users without their knowledge. The information about users can include their personal data, configurations of their computer and operating system, the statistics of their activity in the internet.


How spyware penetrates the system

Spyware can penetrate the user’s computer by two main ways:

  • when visiting internet sites. The most frequently spyware penetration occurs when user visits hackish and warez web sites, web sites with free music and porn sites. As a rule for spyware installation ActiveX component or trojan horse software of TrojanDownloader category according to Kaspersky laboratory are used;
  • in consequence of free of shareware software installation. The most unpleasant lies in the fact that there exist a great number of such software, they are being spread through the internet or by pirated compact disks. A classical example – DivX codec containing the utility for hidden downloading and installation of SpyWare.Gator.

Removing spyware

If you are sure that spyware may be installed on your computer, or that you are vulnerable to the attack, these tips will help you to solve this problem.
The first and obvious step that you should take for spyware removing is the installation of spyware protection on your desk computer. Make sure that it was designed by a well-known developer and that it gained good feedbacks from other users.

The next thing that you should do, is to scan your system for spyware presence. Some software allows to perform “thorough scanning” that checks each file on your computer. The best method of scanning starting is to start it in “safe mode”, if you use Windows as an operating system on your computer.

If you are familiar with Windows well you can install “system restore points” and to restore them if you suspect that the attacks of spyware took place on your computer. The computer recovering for earlier date will help you to make sure that some spyware, that were installed after the restore point creation, will be removed.

It would be much better to use the opportunity and to prevent spyware attacks, especially if you have a habit to keep your personal information on your computer. Following these tips you will be able to create the difference between protected system and unsafe one.