The Stop Code is 0x0000007a

The KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR is the mistake of the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). It usually descends when the OS Windows 7,8,10 and XP has problems reading some stuff that was held in the memory. Both types of memory might have this problem: the RAM, the dynamic memory, and the hard drive, where the stored memory is.


Thankfully, this mistake can be dealt with two quite simple methods. Unless these methods don’t help in dealing with the problem, then there is some defect in your hardware. When the BSoD happens a blue background pops up with a text in it, among which the message “KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR” is contained.


The first method of solving the mistake is that your hardware invokes the problem. To inspect that, get to the Windows Search with a command “Windows Key + F” and depress “chkdsk” (for Windows XP, Vista or 7) and run it. The inspect can be done at any time, even when your computer is on. Then finish it and restart your PC. The inspecting might take a while.

For Windows 8, get to the command “Windows Key + F” and depress “cmd”. On the Command Prompt depress with the right key of the mouse and pick out “Run as Administrator” from the appeared menu. After giving an authentication, the Command Prompt will emerge, depress “chkdsk C: /f /r /x” (C is the drive of the checking).

When the check is over, you PC will restart automatically. This check will deal with any problems on your hardware.
The second method is that the RAM causes the error. To check this error, get to the Windows Search and depress “Memory Diagnostics Tool”. The process is the same as during the first method.

After you completed two of these methods the problem should be apparent. If during the Memory Diagnostics no problems appear, then the mistake is in the hard drive. If problems appear, then the RAM should be fixed or replaced.

Video instructions: How to Fix kernel data inpage error